Buddy Read, 2022, collaborative digital drawing with Grace Wirzba

Promo video for "Buddy Read" with Grace Wirzba
S.P.A.M. (Special Projects Art Mail) with Number 3 Gallery

Grace Wirzba is an interdisciplinary artist originally from rural Manitoba, currently based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Her material focus falls on soft sculpture, textiles, and printmaking. She completed her BFA at the University of Lethbridge in 2018. Wirzba has participated in residencies at Medalta’s Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics and CASA Lethbridge. Wirzba has upcoming shows with TREX Southeast, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and CASA Lethbridge in 2022. Her work regularly centres on themes of the home, gender and community histories.

Number 3 Gallery is a mobile curatorial project, led by Julie D. Mills (they/she) and Julia Lamare (she/her), that focuses on initiating collaborations with emerging contemporary artists and spaces. Exhibitions challenge and consider relationships to space, and question the ways in which access determines success and visibility.

on a gold platter, Kasia Sosnowski, 2022

electric buzz, Kasia Sosnowski, 2022

dreaming of collar comfort, Grace Wirzba, 2022

boy howdy, Kasia Sosnowski, 2022

mouthfull, Grace Wirzba, 2022

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