Kasia Sosnowski is originally from Calgary, Alberta - she moved to Lethbridge in 2007. She graduated with honours from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art History & Museum Studies, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art Studio in 2014. She moved to Banff in 2014 where she worked at The Banff Centre as a Preparatorial Practicum at the Walter Phillips Gallery. She then went on to participate in the Banff Centre’s Late Fall BAiR program in 2015 where she began exploring ceramics. In 2020 she finished a two month residency at Medalta in the Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat, AB. 

She is working towards upcoming shows in 2022. She lives and works between Lethbridge, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. She is currently attending York University in pursuit of an MFA in Visual Arts.

My work focuses on how clay - as a material - embodies ideas around care, fragility, and transformation. Recently, I have been exploring affectation and bodily abjection through video performance and ceramic sculpture. My performance work explores unfired clay as a bodily and visceral material that implicates and incorporates my body. 

I investigate the affected body through my individual experience and perspective as a way to reposition individual events - around transgressive bodies, grief, mental health, and trauma - into communal access points. My work identifies embodiment as a container and porous site that is continually influenced and shaped by encounters, environments, and external influences. 

Most recently, I have been exploring ideas around absurdity, intuition, and humour as ways to unpack difficult topics around mental health, trauma, and affect. 

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