Kasia Sosnowski is originally from Calgary, Alberta - she moved to Lethbridge in 2007. She graduated with honours from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art History & Museum Studies, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art Studio in 2014. She moved to Banff in 2014 where she worked at The Banff Centre as a Preparatorial Practicum at the Walter Phillips Gallery. After completing her year contract as a practicum she participated in the Banff Centre’s Late Fall BAiR program where she began exploring ceramics. She recently finished a two month residency at Medalta in the Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat, AB. 

She has shown her work in Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, and Auckland, NZ - and is working towards upcoming shows in 2021. She now lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta where she maintains her art practice.

I am interested in how objects and the experience of those objects can exist in the peripheries of language, where neither language nor representational methods are all encompassing. By unpacking and utilizing semiotics we can communicate intuitive, visceral, and innate dialogues.

My work explores the body as a site and vessel for ideas of the self and how external actions or environments can affect our internalized self-image. I am curious about representing bodies - in all forms - and examining how easily those representations fall into acts of transgression, taboo, identity, and abject. 

Most recently, I have been exploring ideas around fragility, tension, play, and risk, and how the materiality of clay and ceramics lend themselves to those concepts.

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