Kasia Sosnowski is an artist from southern Alberta - she graduated with honours from the University of Lethbridge with a combined BFA in both Art History & Museum Studies, and Art Studio in 2014. She has worked at the Banff Centre, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge where she worked in preparatory/gallery installation, artist administration, and community building roles.

She has shown her work in galleries across Canada including The Esker Foundation (Calgary), Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre (Regina), Stride Gallery (Calgary), Art Mûr (Montreal), and Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge). 

Her work focuses on how clay embodies ideas around care, fragility, and transformation. She draws from individual experiences as a means to explore difficult ideas around transgressive bodies, grief, recovery, and trauma. The content she explores is mirrored in the precarity and material flux of ceramic sculpture - fragile and vulnerable yet crystalline. Her use of absurdity and humour is a method to cultivate access and intimacy.

She is working towards upcoming shows in 2023. She is currently living in Tkaronto, Ontario where she is an MFA Candidate at York University. Her thesis exhibition, "is that a promise or a threat?" is scheduled for April 2023. 

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