OVER THE EDGE//TOE THE LINE, Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan

September 25 - November 13, 2021

click click click by Nic Wilson, accompanying text, 2021

OVER THE EDGE//TOE THE LINE examines the precarious nature of the edge and how it translates to physical and mental thresholds. The work explores the anxiety of existing on a precipice where the slightest provocation might cause a shift, a fissure, or collapse. Going over the edge is, therefore, paired with the threat of harm but also carries the potential for transformation and release. Alternatively, toe the line elicits playful, almost flirtatious imagery. The tension is rooted in understanding conventional boundaries but still wanting to cross them – seeking activation or destruction. Acts of transgression are followed by consequences but they can also deliver gratification and the outcome often oscillates between satisfaction and shame. Sosnowski’s work explores the tension between self-destruction and self-preservation in moments of anxiety and pleasure, and how the lines between them are blurred. 

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